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Quarry tiles have been used for years and are mainly a commercial tile, used in large buildings and hallways. They are however an excellent durable tile that are suitable for busy areas such as the kitchen floor. The colours are commonly browns and reds but vibrant colours can be obtained and you can make a real design statement and because they are a cheaper tile than other materials they are becoming more popular with homeowners for floor solutions.

Quarry tiles are one of the easier ones to install and if you are planning on doing the job yourself, as long as you have the relevant materials and follow certain steps, too many problems should not be encountered.

Although commonly used outside the home, Quarry tiles can in fact be used in the bathroom and kitchen areas. The price also makes them an attractive option but they are also non slip and so ideal for areas where there is likely to be lots of moisture. Quarry tiles are quite similar to ceramic tiles although they are more durable and less likely to chip and scratch.

If you are seriously thinking about installing quarry tiles, there are a few things to consider first. They can succumb to staining if they are not sealed and if you are laying these types of tiles you may want to opt for a darker shade to ensure stains are not visible. They traditionally come in red, browns and gray colours but there are also different coloured tiles although these are not as common. quarry tile. quarry tile. The warm brown and red colours will certainly add warmth to your home and this is one of the reasons they are so popular. The size of these tiles is generally smaller than other tiles such as ceramics. They are generally found to be 6" x 6". The texture of the tiles is generally thick and their surface is rough and rugged giving a traditional feel.

Quarry tiles are generally unglazed which are certainly more popular but it is paramount that you have these tiles sealed to ensure you limit the amount of water absorbed. Quarry tiles can be challenging to clean and for this reason, the darker shades are more popular because they hide most stains.

Quarry tiles are a great tile in any home and can also be used on kitchen backsplashes which is both practical and an attractive addition in combination with other kitchen tiles.

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